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I have been trying to get a beveler working and I need a part.  Every time I ask someone around here I get blank stares.  What I need is a thrust ball bearing about 1/2 to 3/4 inch OD with a 1/4" ID.  I have one, but even guys at bearing supply stores look blank when I try to get one.  Where can I find them?  I know they are available because I have one, but I need another one. Thanks all.  (Ralph Moon)

    Last night I discovered MSC courtesy of a list member. They have thrust bearings. Their web site has a keyword search that generates the number of products, and in the upper right hand corner there are links to the "right" page of the biggest Adobe Acrobat catalog I have ever seen. I think the thrust bearings start on page 3279. I just ordered cutters for my Bellinger from page 438.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

    I may have exactly what you are looking for in my parts box.  Had a Bearings Inc. distributor here in Toledo,  but sadly they are now gone. Never had any problem getting thrust bearings from them.  Give it a couple of days and I will try to find them.  Do know I had 3/4" O.D. with 1/4" I.D. (Jerry Young)

    I would suggest you try somebody like McMaster-Carr.  Type in thrust bearings and  about 100  different types of bearings appear.    (Mark Babiy)

    Go here!

    They have exactly what you want.  They have several (many) sizes of thrust bearings with the flat plates on each side of the balls and a model with contoured plates.  They are reasonable to downright cheap, have millions of bearings in stock, cater to hobbyist and other one at a time customer.  And best of all, no shipping or handling charges.  (Onis Cogburn)


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