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What's a PML you're probably asking yourself? Why a poor mans lathe of course consisting of my variable speed drill mounted handle up in my vise with the trigger duct taped open so that both hands are free to work the files and the sandpaper. Not glamourous but it gets the job done.  (Will Price)

    For my PML, rather than just use sandpaper & files, I use a Dremel with a little round nose bit.  I've got templates for a couple grip shapes, and a little piece of dowel fastened to the Dremel body with a band clamp that follows along the template as the grip spins.  You can take off 90% of the cork in a few minutes with the Dremel then finish up with sandpaper.  And the cork swarf is bigger than dust so its not nearly as messy.  Definitely a Rube Goldberg setup but it works well.  (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive)


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