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I have the Harbor Freight 7x10 lathe and I was wanting the quick change tool post kit that Harbor Freight sells but they will not get in for a while.  Does anyone know who sells a item like that??  (Dave Henney)

    Try Little Machine Shop. (Don Schneider)

    I highly suggest the one by TS Engineering.  Not the cheapest, not the most expensive.   But the best for the money.   (Joe West)

    The quick change toolpost from Harbor Freight is a piece of crap. Get the one from  little machine shop. It is fantastic and very precision. About $100 and I should have bought it long ago. I cant see how I suffered with out it so long.   (Adam Vigil)

    I got the tool post kit earlier this week from the Little Machine Shop and I love it. The only thing wrong was the Lathe has metric bolts  and the tool post kit uses standard so you have to have 2 Allen wrench sets. But that’s no big deal, because the craftsmanship of this kit is top quality. I have been playing with it all week and haven’t been working on any rods till tonight.  (Dave Henney)


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