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I am having problems with my tips. I plane one tip and its OK. I plane the second tip and it is under size for some reason. I check my setting three times between planing the tips. Still undersized on the second tip.  (Randy Fox)

    Another couple of things to consider.

    1.  Are you changing something in your process from the first strip to the second?  Changed a plane blade?  Different settings of the blade?  It may be getting a more flush cut?

    2.  Is there dust or shavings in the v groove of the forms? I brush my forms out each time I flip the strip while planing.

    3. Maybe you just got excited and was more aggressive on the second tip? I have done that before because I was getting excited about the prospect of glue up. Check the first tip strips in the form to see how flush they are with the forms and compare to the second tip strips.

    You may have already done this but it is some of the things I check.  (Randall Gregory)

    One thing to check - make sure each strip is placed in the form in exactly the same location (mark an index with tape on the form), otherwise the strips might be of differing dimensions at corresponding points along their length (when you bind to measure across the flats, or to glue, make sure that the indexed point on each strip is exactly aligned with the neighboring strips; even being off a little lengthwise will produce a measurable difference across the flats).  (Chris Obuchowski)


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