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I'm going broke buying wet or dry by the sheet and am going to buy a few 50 sheet packs.  However, 3m seems to have a somewhat  dizzying  array  of  different  wet  or  dries  in  the 1000-2500 range.

What specific model do you suggest?

Also, what are those "micro-polishing papers" actually called, the blue and green ones?  (Joe West)

    I use the black wet/dry in 1200 to sand varnish and 1200 and 2000 to fit ferrules, it doesn't last too long at either task but does get the job done reasonably.  For removing enamel and glue, use 50 micron Imperial Micron sandpaper(available from Japan Woodworker), it's the only kind of sandpaper that will hold up to this task, get a brass bristle brush and just scrub the crud off of it when it loads up. It also works on varnish, but has a plastic backing instead of paper, so it is harder to work with than paper backed sandpapers.  (John Channer)

    Just a little hint on using the sandpaper. I had noticed many years ago that 3M Wet or dry (black) sandpaper has a fairly flimsy backing which, when used to polish or cut on a lathe, tended to tear fairly easily.  As we all know this product is pretty good and expensive.  So, to get a little more 'life' out of it, I just apply some nylon reinforced strapping tape to the back of the sandpaper in whatever width I want, then cut it to width with some scissors.  Yes, cutting the paper with scissors does dull them over time, but compared to the price of the 3M paper, it doesn't matter.

    Just my 2 cents worth guys.  (Mike Shaffer)


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