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I just found a gem.  Most of you probably already know about this, but for those of you who buy wood for reel seats and stuff, take a look at local custom cabinet places.  I just found a guy here in town who makes cabinet doors for the half dozen or so custom cabinet places in town.   That's all he does and he has a lot of scrap.  Most of his scrap is too small for typical jobs, but just right for reel seat spacers (and hard wood fly boxes).  He has tons of oak, and often you can find maple, walnut, and cherry.  Since it's all scrap, he just lets it go.  No cost.  So, if anyone is looking, get to know one of these guys.  (Jason Swan)


I'm looking for a few reel seat blanks. Burl darkish walnut and a reddish dark burl. Anybody got something or know where to look?  (Tom Simarud)

    I occasionally make reel seats for folks who need a finished reel seat or two at a moderate price but don't have a lathe. They are either a simple and functional cap and ring style (I call them "rustic"), or an all wood mortised seat with two sliding bands. I isn't really a business, but given the depletion of my double secret probation slush fund from some recent cane and tool purchases I wouldn't mind doing some this winter. OK, like Christmas is coming, tuition is due, the truck needed a water pump, and I am broke. Email me off list for pics and details if you are interested.   

    For fancy threaded or knurled reel seats at a fair price I suggest you contact Jim Bureau. He is a list member, really nice guy, trustworthy in business, and he has a web site. And you have to see his Medved style beveler.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

      I have gotten quite a few messages about reel seats and blanks for inserts. All of mine are from a Canadian friend who is developing a wood business with the focus on reel seat blanks. He builds custom graphite steelhead rods and has an amazing collection of reel seat blanks ranging from north American hardwoods (burl walnut, tiger maple, birdseye maple) to Australian rarities such as york gum and amboyna. Most of his wood is stabilized but he sells raw stuff too. No financial interest, but we do trade stuff constantly.

      His specialty is finding really rare woods of a quality that other suppliers can't seem to match. Email him with the species or the color you are looking for and he will match you with the blank.  (Jeff Schaeffer)


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