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Now that you all have me looking and thinking about tapers I have another question for those experts out there.

Since very few of the tapers in RodDNA have an action length entered other than 10”, has anyone experimented or given thought on how to define and or measure what defines the Action Length of a rod ?  Does anyone care?  (Ralph Tuttle)

    Where are you seeing 10" action length?  I just took a quick peek at "models" and see various action lengths.  They all look like they're about 10" less than the rod, so I would think they end at the grip?  (Neil Savage)

      In  RodDNA if you don’t enter an action length it defaults to 10 inches less than the rod length.

      If you look at a para 17 and then at one of the swelled butt rods or a ‘fast’ rod you would think that the action stops at some length other than 10 inches.  Some designers are trying to increase the action of the rod by shortening the grip and reel seat by about 2” total.  Other that like faster rods lengthen the rod and then add the swell earlier.  Thus my question. (Ralph Tuttle)

        Generally, the "action length" of a given rod is defined as the rod length -10" (approximately the length of the grip and reel seat).  This is due to the fact that those rod components generally do not have an effect of a given rods action.

        It is really up to to the rod designer as to what the action length is set to.  I routinely set it to the rod length for convenience.  (Larry Tusoni)

        Your question confused me since the action length is the rod length less 10" (approximately) and you asked why they were mostly all 10" action length.  (Neil Savage)

          You're absolutely right.  Poorly worded question on my part.

          What I meant to say is that the action length is defaulted to rod length less 10 inches.

          My question still stands.  At what point is the action of a rod confined by the diameter/mass in the butt  or  thumb pressure or?  (Ralph Tuttle)


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