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I have a small question when we look at Stress Curves.

Hexrod or other tools may calculate line weight by its length.

When fishing, actually the line seems to keep flying backward and pulling a rod backward, just when we turn it to forward cast.  If this is a case, the flying line weight must add some amount of load to a rod.

This fact seems to mean that the line weight should be adjusted in mind a little when we look over a stress curve.

If stress curve shows around 140 k oz/sqin, actual load might push it up around 150 k.

Of-course, this depends on the casting style of the person.

Does your backward cast stop the line  just at the  planned length to fish in the air?

How do you think about this?  (Max Satoh)

    I think you are right.  The momentum of both the rod and the extended line must be overcome by the acceleration of the forward cast (or back cast). For a given rod taper the effects of amount of line extended  and the person casting are variables that Garrison approximated with his 4G factor.  So what we are saying is that any taper will have an ideal dynamic performance under a very limited range.

    A family of stress curves with different line weights would give a graphic idea of the performance of a taper.  So would a family of curves with the line weight constant but with different lengths of line extended.  (Al Baldauski)


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