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I recently acquired a bamboo fly rod with no markings as to line weight.

My question; is there a way to determine what the correct line weight is,  without purchasing lines from 1-12? (and seeing what works the best).  (Jim Zeigler)

    If one knew the weight and length,  and had some description of the rod's action, one could narrow it down to 2-3 sizes anyway.  (David Zincavage)

    I'm surprised that nobody has suggested the "common cents" method since nominal line weight is one of its main results.  Also you can mike all you want but if you have a rod made from native Japanese cane rather than Tonkin, you will deceive yourself.  And I have some rods like that myself that roll cast extremely well.

    You must cast a few line weights out, of course.  In my case, I usually go one heavier.  Others may disagree.  (Jim Utzerath)

    You can figure it out by the female ferrule size. For instance, a PHY Perfectionist takes a 12/64 I believe which is a 4 weight. A 13/64 would basically be a 5 weight and so on.  (Dan Dixon)

    Mic it, subtract something for varnish. put it in Franks program, start with something like #5 at 50 feet.  Play with the line lengths and weights and get the stresses between 220 and 140.

    It works

    Or Wait and let the nonbelievers give you an alternative.   (Jerry Foster)

    Take it to any local fly shop. They should have reels rigged for every graphite in the shop. Start with a 4 weight and work up. Of course, if you don't live near a fly shop the other suggestions will work.  (Jeff Schaeffer)


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