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Can anyone comment on the Leonard Baby Catskill as posted by Dell Coppok in the Hexrod archive. I would be interested to hear opinions.  (Stephen Dugmore)

    I have in my possession at this time a very small Leonard that might be a Baby Catskill. I made a tip for it. It has a 9/64 stepped ferrule and the tip measures 0.043". I had to make a size 3 tiptop for it. It is trimmed in red with a band of yellow or gold thread at the ferrule. The grip is cigar shaped and about 4 1/2 or 5 inches long. I plan to measure the whole rod before I return it to it's owner.  (Jerry Drake)

    This is the rod that started a lifetime adventure for me - the night I lost the original. Some 20 years of fishing experiences and the cousin that passed it on to me.

    Tip     .043
    05      .053
    10      .070
    15      .080
    20      .100
    25      .110
    30      .125
    35      .130
    40      .140
    45      .150

    40      .140
    45      .150
    50      .165
    55      .180
    60      .210
    75      .245
    80      .265
    84      .265


    74     .230
    75     .245
    76     .265

    The handle would be 5" in length with a cedar .610 slide band and cap.  (Wayne Cattanach)


I've got a set of numbers - would anyone run then in hexrod to see what they think of them and get back to me on it ?

.101        <---------------    Can you run these numbers please?

Thank you - I'll divulge the source of the numbers in a minute.  (John Silveira)

    Looks to be a 5/6 wt. Very soft tip, strong mid and weak butt. Not quite parabolic, but close. Cane weight is calculated to 2.8 oz. Size 15 ferrule. My guesstimate based on the stress curve is this would be a slow, full action rod with the ability to cast from the tip when needed. With a 6 wt. line @ 50 ft. the stress peaks out around 211k at 10 inches. With the action down into the butt section, you could probably turn a bulls head.  (Rob Holland)

      Hey, you are getting pretty good, but it maybe a 6/7 wt if its a 2 piece. rest of it sounds right on. the 7 should be a WF I would think. I guess it's a 8' 6" rod.

      The tip is actually stronger than most Parabolics, which bull are you referring to ?  (Bob Norwood)

    OK, this taper I submitted is actually a combination of two rods - both Dickerson 8615 's ....

    Here's what I did and just wonder if the tapers could be tampered with this way.  

    The rod I have (unfinished blank- suppose to be stout but not) is in my opinion on the whimpy side, nothing like a Dickerson 8014 I've handled.  So I'm just working on seeing if I can decide on a taper.

    I've gotten two very different different Dickerson 8615 tapers.  The one taper had a heavier tip section while also having a weaker looking butt section than the other taper - both Dickerson tapers.   So I took the heavier tip section from the first set of numbers and combined it with the heavier butt section of the other set of numbers.  It was a "curiosity thing" ( what would happen kind of thing ). 

    Side by side the tapers were  Taper #1 ----> Heavier tip section  
                                             Taper #2 ----> Lighter tip section
                                             Taper #1 ----> Lighter butt section
                                             Taper #2 ----> Heavier Butt section

    Since I know so little about tapers I wondered why would the taper from the #1 rod have a lighter butt section with a heavier tip section - while rod #2 would have a lighter tip section but heavier butt section.

    So I took the heavier tip section from the #1 rod and combined it with the heavier butt section from the #2 rod. 

    You can tell me I'm totally out of my mind - it's OK.  But that's what I was thinking.  (John Silveira)

      The heavy butt section light tip would make a faster more tip action rod. The heavy tip section light butt would make for a slower rod, deeper flexing. Mixing them up will produce a more powerful rod.  It could be OK but you will have to shift the line weight up.  As Tom Smithwick told me there are no rules.  (Gary Nicholson)

      Build them both, order the ferrules at the same time and tell CSE that you want them to be interchangeable and then you'll have 4 rods, should equip you for a wide variety of fishing fun.  (John Channer)


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