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I have now collected some material to build triangle/triangular cane rods.

The experiments took several winters and the resulting rods seem to be quite interesting. The physical properties of triangular cane structure is superior in some aspects compared to traditional hex/penta/quad and this gives some real and new advantages  for longer tapers.

There are two different methods described and with the second one it is easy to build "TriStar rod" with standard "hex" hand  tools used by every rodmakers. The first method would be more suitable for a modified hand mill/beveler production.

I present some successful tapers and hope that some mathematically oriented person could produce a software based on calculation of MOI values to exchange any hex taper into triangular to try further new tapers.

I really hope to hear your thoughts, ideas and about possible experiences.  (Tapani Salmi)

    I can only say Wow!

    Thanks for sharing that.  What is the stability of the tip when reeling in a big one?  Does it move from side to side? Does the orientation of the rod (flat side down vs sharp side down) make any difference?  (Dave Burley)

      In triangular rod the tendency for twisting is not a problem in reeling as the line guides and tension of the line are holding the rod stabile. In roll and spey casting with a triangular rod the orientation is more important - you have to push directly towards the line guides to get all the strength.

      The rod casts better when line guides are fixed to the sharp edge compared to the flat face. I have build my rods with guides on the edge to get this extra power in use.

      I promise that you are really amazed when casting the TRI construction!  (Tapani Salmi)


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