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I discovered, in a dark corner of my shop, enough assorted short strips to make a 7' 3/2 rod. I've straightened, rough beveled, and heat treated 'em. Now I'm agonizing over what to make (hate this part). Does anyone out there have a favorite 3 piece 7 footer they'd care to recommend? I've scoured the various archives and have found one or two possibilities, and have converted some notable 2 piecers to 3 piece. I'd prefer an original classic maker's 3 piece taper, but am open (very open) to suggestions. Could be a 3, 4 or 5 weight.  (Bill Benham)

    I have made several three piece 6' 3 wt using Wayne's taper from left over short pieces. Sweet little rod. I think he has a 7' three piece in his book.  (Tony Spezio)

    I like the Sir D taper. Is it considered a classic? I guess not but you said you were "very open" to suggestions. Payne 98 is probably  considered a classic and is one I intend to make soon.  (Bill Bixler)

    First choice Driggs River PHY

    Second choice Payne 98

    Somewhat similar rods. If you build the Driggs it is 7'2" but what's 2" among friends (splice a little onto the butt). There are several tapers out there. I think the one Wayne posted is the one I like, a 4 wt. The Payne tapers posted by Dennis Higham or Ted Knott are good.  (Doug Easton)

    Maxwell era 48-4 Hunt or Hunt Special.  Strong butt, fine tips, works great either at distance or close in.  This one was a bit quicker than the standard due to the changes on the beveler's multiplier setting that resulted in a taper that had a steeper slope with the same progression from inch to inch stations on the steel pattern bars.  Quite possibly the finest 3 piece rod ever configured at the H. L. Leonard shop.  This one had its taper developed to be a true three piece rod to boot.  (Tom McDonnell)


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