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I am making a bait casting rod that will end with a .370 ferrule that goes in a pistol grip handle.  I have found this T&T taper and am wondering how to swell the butt so it terminates at .370?  How would you modify the taper?  (Louis DeVos)

            Butt                             Tip

00        .181"                           .072"
05        .192                            .079
10        .209                            .103
15        .215                            .115
20        .233                            .125
25        .241                            .133
30        .241  under grip        .153
33.5     .241  under grip        .159

    That looks pretty light to be a bait casting rod. Also I don't understand what you are trying to do. The taper as shown has no butt swell.  Are you trying to use a ferrule that you have and add a swell to use it?  (Larry Swearingen)

      I have the grip/reelseat for an old South Bend. I has a ferrule on the butt end of the rod, it slides into the reel seat/handle. I've been wanting to make a new rod for it for a long time. I would think any length of swell to fit the ferrule would work for bait caster.

      If you have access to George Leonard Herter's book, you might find a taper to fit your ferrule. I'll look in my copy and see if there's anything that might work.  (David Dziadosz)

      I looked and there's quite a few tapers for baitcasters with detachable handles. The same pages are on Reed Curry's site Over My Waders.  

      But, they are on 6" centers. Hexrod or a good graph paper will help change them to 5" centers.  (David Dziadosz)


I am building a spin casting rod, and am wondering if I should be suing a thicker thread than the standard Pearsalls.  The guide feet are much longer and will probably need something more "substantial" than Pearsalls Naples.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.  (Louis DeVos)

    Naples is plenty thick enough, wound tight enough too. I would be tempted to use size A nylon though, it will wrap much faster than with OO or Naples.  (John Channer)


A good friend of mine has asked me if I make anything other than fly rods.  He was interested in a bait casting rod that he could use to fish for walleye.

I would appreciate if anyone on this list that has a taper in the 6 or 7 wt range and has some experience with this type of rod.  (Tom Peters)

    I have a 6' Orvis rated for 1/4 oz and a 6' Winston rated for 1/2 oz.

    Note: the Winston feels a bit light to me.

    If you think they are heavy enough I will mike them in the next couple days.  (Jack Mickievicz)

    You might try Reed Curry's site for Herter's book. There's some casting rod tapers there. They're on 6" centers, but can be converted to 5" with Hexrod.  (David Dziadosz)


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