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Could someone let me know which of Wayne C. rod tapers that we are talking about called the "The Force".  (Tom Peters)

    That would be his 8062. It is the rod depicted on the cover of his first book.  (Larry Blan)


Does anyone know if the taper listed in Wayne Cattanach's book or the archives as the 8062 is the one referred to as "The Force"?  If it is, does the 8063 have the same feel?

If not, does anyone have the taper handy?

If it is, or you can post the correct taper, does anyone have any personal opinions of the rod they would be willing to share?

I need to build a rod for a guy in Colorado who's a relative neophyte caster, but big and strong and excitable, so I'm thinking a rod like a parabolic (The Force or Para 15) might be good since it has a relatively strong tip that he's not too likely to break.  But since I've never cast Wayne's "The Force," I don't know if it will fit the bill (though looking at the stress curve and taper it should do rather nicely).  (Chris Obuchowski)

    The Force is a Para 15 with the two tips averaged. The one I made is a powerful rod, it will cast better with a 7-wt than a six. A neophyte caster who is strong and excitable may be better off with an outfit from Walmart. Casting a fly rod is, IMHO, for a calm and coordinated person.  (Steve Weiss)

      Walmart?? Surely, a prescription like that will lead to  a malpractice suit. You are right, of course, that a parabolic taper  does not belong in the hands of a strong, excitable beginner. But  would not a more holistic approach suggest a fast taper like the  Dickerson 8014?

      The man has a hangnail, do we really need to amputate?  (Tom Smithwick)

        There have been a certain few individuals whom I have attempted to help learn to cast that would definitely benefit improve from some judicious surgery -- maybe just amputation of the casting hand. Since my doctorate is in dental surgery, amputation of a hand would be somewhat awkward for my dental assistant to help me with. Probably a case like that should be referred to an orthopedic flyfishing, bamboo-casting surgeon. He (or she) could even do the whole arm and replace it with one of those new robotic prostheses with a casting program from Lefty Kreh in it.  (Steve Weiss)

    The Force was designed as a more specialty rod then it was for overall general flyfishing . . . Delusionary Michigan trout bums have convinced themselves and several other folks throughout the flyfishing community  that there is such a thing as a "Hex" hatch.  Beer driven conversations around late night campfires have further exaggerated the size and aura of this legend . . tales of the females of the species having a wing span of 2 1/2" or better . . I suspect silicone implanted  . .

    Now for those who have not stood in stream in the wee hours of late June . . listening to the sounds of thousands of these winged creatures and casting a fly that comes with a hazardous health warning affixed to each fly . . .just imagine the vision in this . . a size 2x extended hook with the better part of a complete neck of hackle attached to the fly line by about 3 foot of 3x leader . . . .Even in gale force winds . .when other rods buckle at the challenge The Force can deliver a fly slightly lighter than a slege hammer to a rising fish.

    The original Force was specifically designed for Sam Surre but before delivery several test cast the rod . . Both Ron Barch and I initially cast the rod and neither of us had any trouble cannoning out the entire fly line as well a a goodly amount of backing. . . Consider in this that I have been told by the foremost FFF casting instructor that I am a rather rotten distance caster. . . So a general overview of the rods ability might be this . . .

    If your friend is looking for a rod that casts a #6 line in the wind or larger flies without a problem . .or is simply looking for a sense of increase in his testicular circumference in his ability to cast distances . . this is the rod.  (Wayne Cattanach)

    PS . . At the time the original rod was delivered there were two sons (Sam's Toni and My Matt) that were caught up in the then new Star War movies . . . . so the catch phrase of the day was . . "May The Force Be With You" . . .and so the influence for the name of the rod . . .

    Sounds like maybe your friend might like a Powell B9 taper for maybe a 5 wt.  Good all around rod. Give it a look.  (Adam Vigil)

    I just built "the force" after it was mentioned recently on the list. It seems to be most effective (for me) at 60 feet of line in the yard, though I seldom need to cast that far. If this is a parabolic taper (a first for me), it might be some time before I build another parabolic rod. I had to slow my timing down more than I prefer.  I'll save this rod for a day with 20 mph wind, which usually keeps me off the tailwater in the Tennessee Valley.  (Paul Franklyn)


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