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I am sitting here trying to work out what rod to build. Now any recommendations need to take into account that I have an 11/64 ferrule to use.

Possibles include Wayne's 6' 3 wt and the Kretchman (sp?) 6611. I am interested to hear any taper suggestions people may have. The last rod I finished was a Gillum 6' 4 wt (also 11/64) which turned out to be very nice.  (Callum Ross)

    I'll cast my votes or either a Midge,  Dickerson 6611 or a Payne 96.  (John Channer)

    Another great choice would be a Young Smidgen.  (Harry Boyd)


I read through the tips/archives on truncated ferrules and wanted to ask about this in reference to a specific taper.  I am making the 6'3" 3-piece #3 from Wayne Cattanach's book (the second one listed with the lighter tip/heavier butt).  Any insight as to whether this taper was designed with standard or truncated ferrules in mind?   (Dan Smith)

    I don't know whether Wayne had them in mind, but I definitely like them on a 3 piece 7’ 6” 4/5 wt I made. I see 3 advantages to them. They are lighter, make a smaller dead spot and IMHO look nicer on a short rod. The only "disadvantage" I see is that given the short slide and the short ferrule stations good fitting is critical in both places.  (Doug Easton)


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