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Does anyone have any experience with a Gillum 7042?  I've just completed one and it seems almost parabolic to me.  My final dimensions were within .005" of these form settings.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has a good spincaster taper for shad (1/4oz. dart jig) fishing this spring.  (Gabe Batson)

    From the numbers it does have a parabolic characteristic curve. The parabolic hump is centered some what forward (centered at 25" to 30") of the classic which is in the middle of the rod. The tip is also a bit heavier in that it doesn't mirror the slop of the butt section. I suppose it could also be classified as an extreme Garrison characteristic curve, heavier tip and lighter butt section then the classic. Looks like it should flex well down to the handle and have enough mass in the tip to case a line a good distance.  (Will McMurrey)

    Thanks for the replies.  Yes, I did use resorcinol glue for this rod.  It casts quite nicely with a DT4, and it has some power as it gets the line out 50' and feels like it could keep going.

    I figured that the form settings provided were just that: form settings, and I simply split them in half and set the butt side and the tip side of my form accordingly.  (Gabe Batson)


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