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Got a Morgan Handmill and I am thinking about trying a quad. Would like to translate a rod taper I'm familiar with to a quad.

Any ideas of the formula required. I know it not pure geometry.  (Don Anderson)

    I'm pretty sure ROD DNA will do this for you, I was messing around with Penta conversions from hex tapers this weekend. Download it from High Sierra Rod Company.

    I believe there are many excellent quad tapers in the taper library in RodDNA as well.  (John Rupp)

    There are quad rod tapers out there in the rod taper archives.  I was a little surprised to find that there are a number of historic quads, it hasn't all be hex rods.

    Anyway, while the conversion is never perfect, there are 2 factors that are commonly used to convert hex to quad.  First, to get the same area in cross section, multiply each station by .93.  This will result in a rod having the same mass, but, because of the geometry, it will be slightly more flexible.  Second, to get a quad that approximates the hex-rod's action, although it will be slightly heavier, multiply each station by .95.  This second factor is the one I have come to favor.   (Paul Gruver)

    My RodDNA rod design program can covert any taper from/to any geometry. I don't simply adjust the strips, but rather, keep the same stresses as the original. This in my opinion produces better results.  (Larry Tusoni)

    The conversion must be made with comparison of moment of inertia. For this work, Gabriele Gori and MOG have published a "Spreadsheet for transforming an hex rod to penta or quad rod" in the IBRA web site.  Go to the "articles" section.  (Alberto Poratelli)


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