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What tapers do you find work best with sinking lines and bigger lines (8 wt up)? Dickerson, Young, Winston, Powell, Garrison, Gillum or others? I'm curious. I'm about to build a heavy line weight rod and haven't decided  on the taper yet.   (Robert Sherrill)

    I've made a number of Garrison rods including his 8'6''. I do use it for sinking lines on the ponds here in Maine, I find it a little soft for my liking. (Mike Palumbo)

    The Gillum 8'6" is what I have fished this fall. I like it quite a bit.  (Bob Maulucci)

      I have to second  Bob on the  Gillum 8'6" it is a favorite here in Oregon.  (Tim Stoltz)

        It is one of those rods that is fair on the casting lawn, and when you roll cast and fish it, it is amazing. I really like mine a lot.  (Bob Maulucci)


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