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I’m planning my next build and am looking for a taper capable of throwing streamers in the size 2-6 range.  I’ll mostly be wading larger rivers or fishing out of a boat.  Wind can be an issue so something with some power in the butt to punch through it would be nice.  I was hoping for something in the 8’ 5-6wt range.   What do you all think of the Dickerson 8013 or 8014 or maybe a Garrison 201e or 212e?  I’m open to any suggestions.  (Greg Reeves)

    The 8013 is a nice taper but with #2 streamers in the wind I think you'd be a bit under gunned. Go with the Dickerson 8014 Guide Special. It's rated for a 6w but handles a 7 wt just as well. A real cannon. Another good taper would be the Payne Canadian Canoe but if memory serves (without actually looking up the taper) I believe it's 8'6". (Will Price)

      #2 streamers would be on the large end and wind isn’t always a problem but I would like to be able handle it if conditions change in the middle of the day.  I’m leaning towards the 8014 Guide Special but am a little concerned that it is more towards a 7 than a 6.  I am already in the process of building a beefed up Garrison 221 based taper that will handle a 7 and an 8 so I don’t want to build anything that is going to be too similar in line weights.  That is kind of why I was looking for a 5 to 6.  Will the 8014 Guide Special load with a 6wt line adequately or does it feel under lined?  (Greg Reeves)

        According to Banjo, the head honcho over at the Classic Fly Rod Forum, his original Dickerson 8014GS threw the entire line with either the 6 or 7wt. His description of the rod was that it was a delight to use and it wasn't being forced in order to make long casts or with using streamers and weighted nymphs. He also stated that it wasn't a tiring rod to use and handled short casts surprisingly well for such a powerful rod. Having his description and the taper of his rod that he posted, I had to build one especially because I like the Dickerson tapers so well. The only drawback with the rod as far as I'm concerned is the fact that most places I fish an 8'er for a 6 wt is to large. I use it on a trout and bass lake that is near my home, on the Potomac River for smallmouths and on 2 of the larger rivers that I occasionally fish for trout. This year I'm also planning on taking it to the Chesapeake Bay for striped bass.  (Will Price)

    The Dickerson 861611, the 8014 or 8013, the PH Young boat rod, or the Garrison 209e or 212e, or the Heddon President, should all do the trick.  It all depends on what length you want (209e is 7'9", the 212e/boat rod/8013/8014 are 8'; and the 861611 and president are 8.5') and whether you really want a 5 wt or a 6 wt.

    You can find the tapers in David Ray's taper library.

    All are "progressive" tapers, easily cast be most.  The Garrison's are the most full flexing of the above, the other tapers fairly similar in feel.  (Chris Obuchowski)

      I fish a lot from beaches in Puget Sound, casting clear intermediate lines with #6 streamers. The Dickerson 8014 Guide Special is great for this fishing. It's big brother, the 8015 Guide Special, is similar, and good when the wind is blowing hard or the salmon are in. I use a WF6 with the 8014GS and a WF7 with the 8015GS. When using floating lines, I go one size higher - a WF7 for the 8014 and WF8 for the 8015.

      The last two years, I've really enjoyed a 3-piece rod I designed based on a Gillum Salmon taper. I adjusted the taper down to a 6 wt using   stress  curve  analysis,  then  adjusted  it  for  hollow  building (.070" wall thickness) using a formula in Bob Milward's book. It's not quite as stiff as the Dickersons, but has plenty of power. I think hollow building really makes a difference on rods this size. Here's my taper in case anyone is interested. This is without varnish. I use a WF7 floating line and WF6 sinking lines.

             Tip          Mid      Butt
      0    0.073    0.184    0.290
      5    0.088    0.199    0.312
      10  0.106    0.217    0.332
      15  0.116    0.235    0.347
      20  0.137    0.252    0.359
      25  0.151    0.263    0.367
      30  0.168    0.277    0.369
      35  0.188    0.294    0.369  (Tom Bowden)

        The taper looks like a nice fast one, but you might think of increasing the taper at 15" to .121. This should make it somewhat stronger.  (Bob Norwood)

    If I were looking to throw #2-6 streamers in the wind, I'd want more meat than a 5 or 6 weight rod and line.  Probably an 8 weight.  That's my opinion and worth what you paid for it.    (Ed Berg)

    I just built the Dickerson 8014 Guide 3 pc. and it's a canon, I think it would do just what you want. Several of us were casting it and could throw most of the fly line into the wind, and all we had was a WF 6! probably should have been a WF 7. the owners of the Laughing Grizzly fly shop's first words were "Is this one sold?"  (Joe Arguello)

      OK, I give up!  I found several Dickerson 8014 tapers in various places, but they all seem to be 5/6 wt. (all seem to be the same taper in fact) and I can't find any "8014 Guide" taper.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  (Neil Savage)

    Go for the Para 15.  (Bret Reiter)

    How about Wayne Cattanach's "The Force."  (Mark Heskett)


Just trying to line up some tapers to grind out this spring/summer (does that sound good right now or what?).  I do some streamer fishing on the PM and Little Manistee in MI on occasion, among other streams (even smallmouth here at home).  I'd like to make an 8 footer.  Thinking 6 wt over 5 wt due to the weight of some of the flies.  Wouldn't I be looking for a somewhat heavier tip and/or a bit slower action in the middle?  Not sure.  What would you guys recommend as a starting point/taper?  Sorry if this has been gone over before.  (Bob Brockett)

    Best 8'0" rod for a 6 weight I have ever cast or made was Nunley's Snake Rod.

    Just watch where you cast it.  Bob warned me to be careful what I cast towards & I didn't listen.  Knocked over a VW Bug.  (Bret Reiter)

      Best 8'0" rod for a 6 weight I have ever cast or made was the Stan Smartt Blackfoot rod that you can find the taper for in David Ray's taper library. If you can't find it just contact me.  (Hal Manas)

    I'd look at Gillum's 8-foot, 6-weight. Great casting rod with enough backbone to handle big fish in fast water.  (Larry Myhre)


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