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When I see rod weights listed as 4 oz. or 6.3 oz., how are the rods weighed?  Does the weight include cork, reel seat, guides, and varnish (like you'd pick up a rod)?  Or is the weight of the rod as a blank? 

I'm betting that the answer is, "it depends".  I'm curious for what the norm is on rod weights.  (Scott Turner)

    Yes.  ;-)   Remember, rod weight, or lack thereof, has been a selling point to some for a good while, and it'd be the foolish maker that didn't take advantage of citing blank weight Vs. rod weight, at least in advertising, to pander to said market.

    IMHO, if you're wanting to talk rod weights, it should be the finished rod, ready to string up.  At least that's apples to apples.  If a listed weight seems low,  it's probably based on blank weight.  Most rods of a given length ought to be at least somewhat close in finished weight, unless they're hollow-built, and/or use lightweight hardware, but even then, there's only so much weight you can save.  (Todd Enders)

    It is the finished rods weight inclusive of all fitments.  (Paul Blakley)

      I may be wrong but I think Todd is correct.  I don't believe the Leonard 36L 6' 1 weight for example, would weigh 1 oz.  with all the components.  As previously mentioned, this has been a common practice for decades.  (Gary Marshall)




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