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Does anyone on the list use a Veritas block plane and if so how do you set the blade in the Veritas honing guide so it's square to the sharpening stone? The taper toward the rear of the blade makes it very difficult for me to set it up correctly. Due to this odd shaped blade I can't use the standard honing guide that will accommodate the rectangular shaped blades used in  Stanley and Record planes.  (Jack Follweiler)

    Yes, you can't use the Veritas angle setter with these blades and angles. 

    I made a simple jig out of Plexiglas (wood would work as well) with a square edge and second piece glued on top, with an edge parallel to the 1st square edge and 0.9 inch back.  The  blade you hold against the second edge and the honing jig butts against the first, then tighten down so you always get a square blade sticking out 0.9" past the jig.

    Its so simple its hard to explain.  I got the idea from this list or maybe a book but I don't remember anymore.  (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive)


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