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I think I am about ready to make a quad rod.  What I would like to know is how wide are the strips split for the butts and tips.  (Tony Spezio)

    I usually go with about 3/8 or 7/16 (.375-.4375) for butts and about 1/4 (.250) or less for tips. I take a few passes on each side with the JW Beveller to square them up before roughing into triangles. Most of the time, I split butts and tips to 16 strips and am pretty close to being within my limits for strip width. If I split to closer to final destination, then I cannot straighten the strips with the beveller. Conversely, try straightening a .350 butt strip with heat, it is very hard. The beveller straightening works like a charm, and it also follows the grain of the strip pretty well since you are working off the edges created by splitting.

    Most of my quads are .160 to .201 in the tip ferrule station and somewhere between .300 to .350 at the extreme butt end. Because I use the Hida 8 way splitter, I am always splitting into halves. It makes the whole process much easier. The only time it gets hairy is if the culm is oval instead of round. In an ideal world, I could make two 2/2 rods from each culm and then get one 2/1 rod as well. The 2/1 would be made from all butt strips.  (Bob Maulucci)


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