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Are there somewhere instructions to build a wooden quad planing form? I can imagine that there are  several possibilities (adjustable, fixed, //+\\, |/+\| etc).  Recommendations?  (Tapani Salmi)

    I think the "easiest" way is to have a square bar in the middle with a grooved bar on each side. 

    To make it, file the bars flat, clamp all three together and drill holes for pin, push- and pull bolts, remove the middle bar and mount together the two outer bars and file/mill the groove. Put back the middle bar and You're ready to make quads.  (Danny Twang)


Some time ago I tried to get info about quad planing forms with quite scarce results. I thereafter resulted to do a wooden (maple) planing form using my circular saw adjusted to the 45 degree corner. The form is like following  (please  check this link for details):


The other groove is filed 1 mm (0.04") wider. The idea is to adjust the narrower groove according to the taper, to plane the other edge first to 45 degree in wider groove and then to finish the strip in the narrower groove to the right taper. The same form can be adjusted both for butt and tip. I used soaked strips 5 days and adjusted the form 6% oversize and made the heat treating after the final planing - very fast process with no problems with the breakage of the thin edges. The first rod  (Driggs river)  works fine - now I am looking for new tapers and better (= smaller) quad ferrules!  (Tapani Salmi)


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