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I was curious as to what is necessary to stress relieve steel bars? Is this a DIY project, and if not what kind of industry must one go to?  (Steve Trauthwein)

    Stress relieving is a process of reducing internal stresses by heating to a subcritical temperature long enough to assure

    uniformity, followed by slow cooling which will prevent the reintroduction of stresses.  Normally heat to 1100 to 1300F and dwell for a period based on mass and oven. then cool slowly, usually by shutting the oven off and letting it cool to below 500F.

    Stress relieving is done by Heat Treating Firms, usually in a batch process having a minimum charge of about $80 to 110 or more depending on the oven required etc. 

    You could DIY IF you can CONTROL the heating and cooling in a way that does not introduce thermal stresses into your steel.  (Gary Dabrowski)

    The 'rule of thumb' for carbon steels is to allow 1 hour per inch of thickness at circa 620 Centigrade.  (Paul Blakley)


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