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I received a Vixen file I had ordered last week and I've gots ta tell ya, that thing cuts like no body's business. I took off in two minutes what was taking me 30 minutes or more. Thanks to those who made the suggestion.

I should be ready to cut the groove in by tomorrow night sooo, Don you had sent me an email a while back about the cutting of the groove, two tools and a spreadsheet. I read the article, I'm not 100% sure if I can build the tools as I don't have tools or a workshop (but I am willing to give it shot), and I sure would appreciate that spread sheet and any words of wisdom you can bestow upon me.  (Ren Monllor)

    I just completed my forms back in November (seems like a rodmaking eternity ago) and would be more than happy to send you lathe chisel bit plane described in Don's article.  I was able to use it to get the groove "started".  I didn't build the file plane, but rather used the triangle file epoxied to a block of wood described on Thomas Penrose's web site

    My daughter is having her tonsils taken out tomorrow, but I'd be more than happy to put it in the mail on Sat. if you send me your address.  One work of caution, be very careful filing the tip side.  My 0 station is at .033 and I should have stopped at something closer to .028, I can't clamp my forms down tight enough to make some of the lighter weight rods that I might want to attempt in the future.  (Aaron Gaffney)

      Sure you can Aaron,

      Just file a few thousandth's off the top of your forms, and the groove will be more shallow. :-)  (Harry Boyd)

        As Harry says, sure you can tune up your forms. I wrote an article some time ago called Forms Tune Up, not a very imaginative title but gets the job done. (Don Schneider)


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