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I'm in the tool making mode this year. Need to replace my wooden tip scarfing block.

Anybody know where I can get plans for such a critter?  (Don Anderson)

    Garrison's book pages 223-230 deals with scarfing. Plans are on page 224 & 229.  (Don Schneider)

    Sure. Several years ago I got tired of making scarfing blocks out of wood so I made a scarfing block out of left over 1x1 CRS cutoffs about 12" long from making Forms. I used a piece of 1/8" thick x 1/2" wide cold roll with a 60° angle on one edge and a 90° on the other placed at the slope according to Garrison's plans countersunk & screwed to one of the sides. Used thumb screws to pull the sides together to clamp the bamboo. You can scarf on either side. To file the 60° angle on the one edge of the center piece I made a jig out of hardwood with a 60° slot to hold the file.  (Don Schneider)


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