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How does everyone keep their planing forms from rusting?  (Greg Reeves)

    A light coat of Camellia oil works very well and it doesn't interfere with the finish. If you do get rust, clean it with steel wool and alcohol.  (Scott Bearden)

    Use them often?  (Mike Shay)

    I store mine in a tube made from 3" PVC pipe.  One end is a glued cap, the other has a "clean out" screw in cap.  I put a couple of packages of silica gel from shoe boxes inside.  (Neil Savage)

      Not having a SWMBO to disallow such behavior, here's my way of keeping the forms in good working order. Last winter we had a prolonged cold snap. My basement is unheated with the exception of a carpeted extra bedroom and a tiny 6'X10' room that I built for my daughter to use as her photography dark room while she was attending college. I brought my planing forms upstairs and put them on the kitchen counter. Perfect height for planing, heated in the winter, AC in the summer. I never saw any need to move them since. The dog gets a little PO'D when the shavings get in her water bowl which is on a tray under the counter. The dark room is used to hang varnished or freshly glued blanks in as it's very dust free and heated.  (Will Price)

    What's rust?? Living in the southwest does have it's advantages, even though it's still the frontier in many ways. Shay knows what I mean.  (John Channer)

    By using them...   ;-)   Actually, you can use an oil I think is called camellia or tea seed oil on your forms.  (Mark Wendt)


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