I’ve just completed a PHY perfectionist and have fished it for about five days in temperatures ranging from 40 to 55 degrees.  Landed about a dozen fish ranging from 18 to 24 inches.  Not bragging, just laying the groundwork!  The wraps, over single foot guides, are 3/0 silk, treated with three coat of color preserver, three coats of Minwax spar varnish, then a final dip coat of Minwax spar.

Here’s the problem:

At the butt end of the guide feet (almost every one) there has developed a cracks in the varnish.  Also a crack in the finish in the center of the crowned portion of the female ferrule.  I realize that these locations are the most stressed in the wrap but obviously this problem must have been encountered before and conquered.  Is the varnish too brittle, does the CP reduce adhesion too much??  (Al Baldauski)

It really sounds like an adhesion problem with the C.P.. I have several rods floating around out there with single foot guides and have not had that problem, and the only thing I did different from you was not using the C.P.   (Jeff Hatton)

CP is the bain of rod wrapping.  Throw throw the stuff out.

If I want to keep the color, I use one or two coats of Gudebrod 840 water base rod finish then go to Minwax varnish.

I have not had any cracking problems. The 840 will darken some colors about 1/2 a shade. I have pretty much have gone to straight varnish for a translucent finish. I still use the 840 over the varnish for a fast build up if I am short of time. No problems using it that way in the last 6 years.  (Tony Spezio)

It's the color preserver!  I have not used it since the sixties, now you know why I stopped!  (Robin Haywood)


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