Can anyone supply a source for Jasper thread? I am refinishing a Granger Favorite rod with gold tipping and intermediate wraps. The guide wraps look to me like Jasper black and yellow, although Sinclair's book suggests black and white.   (Keith Clinton)

The black and yellow looking jasper is black/white in which the white has turned yellow with aging varnish.  I think it may be available from Pearsalls.

Anyone else have sources for jasper threads?  (Harry Boyd)

It may be black and white. The old varnish tints it yellow orange.  (Doug Easton)

I have some Herters black and yellow jasper. It is nylon though. (Rich Jezioro)

Ricks Rods in Denver has original stock leftover from Wright & McGill, go to and look around.    (John Channer)

John is right about that BUT unless things have changed he won't sell in small quantities. You have to buy it in 1000 yd spools at a very expensive price.  (Will Price)

I just caught the tail end of the jasper thread talk - but didn't get the rest of the posts for some reason.  Golden Witch has variegated Pearsalls thread of course, but I find it is too fine for Grangers and the like.  And again, Keith, your seemingly black and yellow jasper is probably black and white which has gone yellow with varnish/age.

Anyway, I have been despairing because Gudebrod didn't seem to make the old fashioned variegated anymore (nylon which matches Granger/WM perfectly), only that metallic, holographic crap.  Finally, I called them and it is true they haven't been making what they call "Classic Twist" for some time - but according to the representative they are going to start making it again.  If you call Gudebrod they will put your name on a list and call when it is available and will tell you of a distributor who might have some.  I hope this helps and is informative for the rest of y'all.  (Darrol Groth)

I have a friend that has been restoring rods since before so many of the suppliers we have today came along. He has made his own variegated thread by twisting the 2 colors together. He made it work, very good.  (Timothy Troester)


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