I realize that this is heresy, but I still like nylon better than silk. The biggest problem with the nylon available is that it is too big. Gudebrod has stopped making their 2/0. There used to be even finer thread, but it looks like the big manufacturers are using size A under their epoxy and the rest of us don't buy enough to keep the specialty suppliers busy. So I've been looked on Ebay for some old stock and found some 2/0 made by Danville. Just for jollies I checked Danville's web site and they have unwaxed 6/0 nylon. They are also clearing their unwaxed 3/0 monocord. Monocord is a low twist thread that lays flatter than regular thread. Before I buy a case of the stuff, has anyone used monocord for winding on their guides.  (Larry Lohkamp)

I queried Gudebrod and they put me in touch with someone that still carried 00, can't remember who it was, but I'd go to their web site and ask.  (Henry Mitchell)

Who told you that using nylon was heresy? Don't belittle the stuff.  It is stronger, in more colors and if you select wisely it will look just a good.  Just because the early rod makers used silk is not a good reason.  They used it because that's all there was.  Just because my grandfather only used a huge pocket watch and didn't even know what a wrist watch was, is no sign I have to wear a vest, fob chain and watch.  So for it!!  (Ralph Moon)

I used Unithread to do some tipping. It worked great. I needed to do some really fine tipping. That  was about 8 yeas ago and the rod still looks great. I was worried about the wax, but I think that a little bit didn't hurt and it just dissolved into the varnish.  (Doug Easton)


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