I just finished building an adjustable wood rod wrapping stand and shelved the shoebox/book/cup routine.  I ran a test wrap and the stand made things go quite well but no varnish on the wraps yet.


What effects does thread tension have on the finished wraps.  I’m looking to get a even tone throughout the length of the wrap.  In general I’m wondering if too much tension with silk 3/0  with no cp will give it a uneven tone when varnished (thinned mix).  If the thread tension is too much what is the end result, if it’s too loose(well not that loose) what would be the result.  I’m just trying to understand how the thread tension might affect my wraps so I can become more consistent in my wraps and diagnose what happened for future adjustments.  They look pretty nice now but there is always room for improvement and I think thread tension might be a issue.  (Mike Monsos)

I believe if your wraps are too tight, it will not allow the varnish to penetrate the thread and can result in shimmers.  I think for an even tone or even color in the wraps, consistent thread tension is required.  If your tensioner is slipping or not keeping a consistent tension, you can end up with a wavy look to the color.  Again I think this is because the varnish might not soak in evenly due to thread being under different tension throughout the wrap.  Just my novice thoughts.  (Greg Reeves)

I’ll keep the tension light enough to adjust the guides and then give the wraps a good burnishing to flatten them and even out the tension overall.  The shimmers is what I’m trying to even out.  (Mike Monsos)

Thread tension is an issue, packing the thread will make a difference too. I pack the thread  as I go along and when finished, burnish the wrap. If the thread tension is not the same throughout the wrap, there will be lighter areas in the wrap and it will not look the same throughout the wrap. You will not see this till you apply varnish. I always "wipe" the first coat of varnish off the wraps with a paper towel putting pressure on the wrap. This pushes the varnish into the wraps and lays down the "fuzzes". I quit "flaming" the wraps because I leave tag ends on my tipping wraps and I will burn them off if I pass the wrap over a flame. (Tony Spezio)


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