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Due to the overwhelming requests for more info we put together this Basic Primer

with pictures of  "push drawing" and a video of the "pull drawing" methods. Hopefully these links will answer your questions. 

Tube Pushing Primer

Drawbench Working Video

(James (JED) Dempsey)


Has anybody on the list tried making ferrules by deep drawing sheet metal. Seems sheet NS is more available than precision tubing and solid bar stock. That being the case it would seem that deep drawing ferrules from flat sheet stock could be an alternative to trying to find tubing or bar stock for making ferrules.

Pros/cons ???? Any ideas ???  (Jerry Drake)

    Gary Dabrowski did a demo on making ferrules from sheet stock at the Roscoe gathering this year. I've got a copy of his Power point presentation I'll copy and snail mail to you or I can bring it to SRG. I was one of two guys putting on the gathering this year so, of course, I missed the demo  (Dennis Higham)


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