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Does anyone have a reasonable, ready source for either German or Nickel Silver flat stock? I have something about 85% and need a few small pieces to finish it and see if it will work. Any help would be appreciated.  (Jimi Genzling)

    Go  to   Sheffield   Knifemakers   Supply   in   Orange  City,  FL (1-800-874-7007).  They carry some round and flat bar stock as well as sheets from .020 thru 1/2" thick.

    And it's 18%.  (Jerry Young)

    There is a custom knife maker who sells his miscuts on Ebay.  Most of what he sells IS flat stock with some small, solid rounds as well.  (George Bourke)


Is there a list member out there that knows were I can get nickel silver round rod stock? (Jeff Van Zandt)

    I'll second that. My lathe just came in today. Now it is time to learn how to use it.  (Scott Bearden)

      May I suggest getting some aluminum to “learn” on.  (Ren Monllor)

        I had considered that as well as Duronze. Aluminum is probably the cheapest, although it isn't getting any cheaper.  (Scott Bearden)

    Solid nickel silver is available through a company called Metal Express, or metals express. They have a web site. Nickel silver tubing seems to be, uh, scarce. I have been off the list for some time, but as of a year ago there was no real source of tubing for cap and ring seats. There was talk at the gatherings of putting together an order for a run of the stuff (I think they needed 5 grand to do a run) but I do not know what happened with that. Golden Witch used to sell it, but ran out and did not restock. My supply is so low that I no longer make reel seats for fun, I experiment with aluminum, and I developed some reel seat designs that use two small sliding rings only without a cap.  (Jeff Schaeffer)


Anybody know a source for 3/4", or larger nickel silver round stock?  (Lee Orr)

    Busby Metals, but you have to by it in 12 foot lengths. (Dave LeClair)


OK, I received my new metal lathe and have already made a couple of mandrels and other toys.  Turned a couple of reel seat inserts.  Now, looking ahead I need to order some Nickel Silver round stock to have on hand for the jump to actual machining of some components.  I found a site that has Nickel Silver in 1' lengths in different diameters.  My question is: What percentage am I looking for?  They have C792, but that doesn't tell me the percentage.  If I remember correctly 18% seems to be the number I am looking for.  (Pete Emmel)

    I've been getting  my NS from Sheffield Knife Supply out of Florida. Their stuff is all 18%.

    You can get a hard copy catalog for $5 or download a pdf version of their catalog for free.  (Mark Wendt)

    Just a heads up... the price of ALL metals, but especially copper and aluminum are on a spiral to the moon. (Our company buys stock material daily and watches the markets closely.) You might want to get a little extra now, because it will just be higher in the very near future.  (Mike St. Clair)

      Amen to that Mike.

      I check the Comex weekly for pricing on copper and steel and try to play the crystal ball game for projects I bid now, and what it’s actually going to cost me when I buy out the job in several months if I’m awarded it.

      When I call my suppliers for copper pricing these days, I get a quote that’s only good until I get off the phone...

      Check the futures market. Copper, stainless, and nickel are going to go through the roof in the next few months – the price of gas has gone up in my area thirty to forty cents a gallon in the past two weeks and supposed to get higher. Always a good indicator of what the metals market will do.  (Tom Vagell)

        Not a metal guy, but I thin C792 is 12% and has lead for molding qualities. There are a couple alloys listed as 18% in this link.

        I just started getting in to turning, as well. I started with Al, just to practice. But, I think I might stick to it.

        Is NiSilver really worth the extra cost? Its looking like 20-40 times the price! Is there something other than tradition/aesthetics that keep makers using this stuff? I feel like I'm missing something. (Conor McKenna)

          The 792 alloy is a free machining grade, which I would not recommend to rodmakers. I would suggest sticking with 762 or 752. The 752 will show a pale gold undertone, the 762 is silvery, and my preference for ferrules. I think we are a lot better off with hard drawn stock, as opposed to annealed bar for ferrules. The last I knew, the stuff from Sheffield was 1/2 hard.  Maybe Mark can update us on that. For reel seats, I don't think the temper matters, so take your pick of alloy or supplier.

          Duronze is a great ferrule material, but is only available as rod, so you have to be willing to machine them one at a time on a lathe. That's it's only drawback. Once again, temper matters, for strength and wear resistance. I have been using hard drawn alloy 642 from McMaster Carr for ferrules. For reel seats, annealed is fine, and there are other alloys called Duronze, I am traveling and don't have my reference material. If you have not done so, check out Jeff Wagner's site and look at what, he is doing with retro looking NS reel seats with Duronze accents.  (Tom Smithwick)

            Sheffield's current catalog doesn't say which alloy they have, only that it's 18% nickel silver.  A phone call will probably be necessary to find out the information.  (Mark Wendt)

            I'm rather new to working with my metal lathe and I bought both Nickel Silver and Duronze from Online Metals.

            As I recall the Duronze (which I like very much) was quite a bit cheaper than N/S and the properties of Duronze are ideal for turning ferrules. I also turned matching reel seat cap and rings.  (Bruce Morton)

    Jantz Supply also has 18% NS. I think its a $1.00 cheaper per foot than Sheffield.  (Don Peet)


I'm having trouble locating a supplier of Duronze. I've ordered from McMaster-Carr before but they will no longer ship to Canada.  Does anybody know of a supplier in Canada, or a US supplier that will ship to Canada in small quantities that a rodmaker needs?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  (Ron Elder)

    Have you tried Metal Supermarket in the NE of Calgary?  3716 56 Avenue Se, Calgary, AB, T2C2B5 3716 56 Avenue Se, Calgary, AB, T2C2B5 - 403-720-2267.  I don't know if they carry Duronze, but worth calling them.  (Greg Dawson)

      I talked to them and they have a minimum order limit as they have to special order the product.  I would have to order 6 foot lengths of each size I'm interested in.  Not too bad in the smaller sizes for Ferrules but cost goes through the roof for rod sizes to make reel seat fittings.  I might have to bite the bullet and order that way.  (Ron Elder)

        It seems that there are several compositions for Duronze  - Silicon Maganese Bronze  - ASTM-B98, B124, B150.  Which is the correct one to use for ferrules and seat fittings?  Which one were you ordering from McMaster-Carr?  Has anyone any experience using it for guides?  (Steve Krumpos)

          I have been using alloy 642 from McMaster-Carr for ferrules, and find it very effective for that use. I don't think I would use it for reel seats, as I think brass would be easier to work with, and a close enough in appearance, especially after it ages a bit, or if you blacken it. Duronze might be worth a try for guides, as it is wear resistant, but I'm not sure it is available as wire. In general, the harder the wire is, the longer it will last. I don't think Duronze would be a top performer.  (Tom Smithwick)

    Several Years ago, I got a "lot" of cutoffs about 12" long from

    Machinist Materials
    North Virgina Branch
    9358 Campbell Rd.
    Vienna, VA 22182|

    I think there were 6 lengths of 1/2" in one "lot" and 6 lengths of 3/8" in the other "lot".

    The price at that time was real low for what I got. They had "lots" of different sizes and different metals. I assume it was "scrap" to them and was selling it off cheap.  Made some nice ferrules from it. You might Goggle up the place.  (Tony Spezio)


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