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Has anyone tried to powder coat NS hardware?

What kind of results?  (Joe Byrd)

    I have been thinking about it!  Apparently Netcraft sells small kits of the paint in colors appropriate for metal lures.  There was a mention here (long ago), maybe by Dave LeClair, about diluting the stuff with acetone and dipping  or painting it on before baking.  Check for larger volumes and more colors and textures.  Would love to hear if anyone else is doing this!  (Grayson Davis)

      Never tried it on nickel silver or aluminum but did use Jann Netcraft's black to redo the windshield wiper arms on my ancient Pathfinder.  Same process was used by Trico when they were still in business.  (Jerry Young)

      I do powder coating in my shop, but I don't understand why you would want to cover the Nickel Silver like this. You would be better off using aluminum for the hardware. This would be cheaper than Nickel Silver.

      I powder coat handgun parts. This works great for parts like that and I'm sure it would work for rod components. I mixed some brown and gold and powder coated some stripper guides. An exact color for English Bronze. The coating worked great on them. The finish is as hard as a rock. Should wear very well.  (Dave LeClair)

    Check out Caswell. They carry a nice powder coating set up and many  different colors in coatings.  (Dave LeClair)


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