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I need a "trick" to help keep the lock nut from coming loose on a down locking reel seat.  I tighten it up to lock in the reel, and after about 10 minutes or so of lawn casting it works itself loose.  Any ideas?  (Kyle Druey)

    Two things, get a small rubber band. The black kind girls use in their hair.  Put this on the reel seat so the ring can not unscrew. Also build up  a layer of masking tape on the reel foot where it contacts the reel seat. Razor blade it so it does not show and then put screw the reel seat ring onto it. This will give it enough of the reel seat to grab.  (Adam Vigil)

    If it is an older rod, check that there are no cracks in the ring, seat, or filler. Saw that once. It would not stay tight, and the crack was not visible when everything was in place. It opened up only when the ring was tightened.

    Is the Ring or thread worn? You may need to replace it. Would not try this approach with a Garrison.

    A small drop of Elmer’s glue will hold it in place. Loctite makes a product that works very well, but be careful. There are different formulas- one is for things that will be removed, the others are for things that are to remain in place forever. Problem here is that it is one more thing to drag along on fishing trips.

    Are you using a reel with a foot that may be too big for the seat? Some older reel seats just are not strong enough to maintain pressure on a big reel foot. Try a different reel. Low probability of success with this one, but worth a try.

    It might help to know what kind of rod it is, and the make of the reel seat. I am always looking for things to avoid.   (Jeff Schaeffer)

    Thanks, List, for some great suggestions.  The solution to my problem was to gently strike the lock nut with a brass hammer until it was slightly out of round.  A little crude but it worked.  The reel seat was a Pac Bay that I had bought for the rod that I had just built.  I think I learned that there are some things you can't economize on when making a rod.  (Kyle Druey)


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