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I am almost through with rod #4, a gift for my son's birthday on Sunday.  I have a butt cap with 2 concentric circles on it (Pacific Bay) and I want it engraved with his initials, PNS.  My wife says the S should be in the center because of the circle there, like a monogram, even though all letters will be the same size.  The jeweler feels it should be his middle initial in the center.  (Neil Savage)

    Typically, when a monogram is engraved, the initial of the surname is in the center position only if it is meant to be the largest of the characters, or if the design is a decorative script.

    On the other hand, if the initials are to be the same size as one another, or if the design is block-lettering, then the initial of the surname is in the left-hand position.

    On your third hand, you can do whatever the heck you want to do (unless overruled by SWMBO).  (Bill Harms)

      Sorry, my dyslexia took over again.  I meant to say that if the monogram design has characters  of the  same size,  or is  set in block-lettering, the initial of the surname should be in the Right-hand position.  (Bill Harms)

    If the Middle initial is larger, it should be the initial of the last name.  If all are the same size, then the middle initial should stand for the middle name.  (Shane Pinkston)

    This is the way I understand initials and engraving/embroidering them:

    1) Traditionally on women's shirts/sweaters, linen table ware, and some silver - the last initial is in the middle in large case, while the first initial in on the right and middle initial is on the left side in lower case.

    2) Traditionally, men's initial's are first, middle, last.

    How do I know this? - My mother is Irish Catholic.

    BUT, with the PAC Bay rings, I'd go with your wife's opinion. Or by an REC with no circles on the butt cap.  (Al Grombacher)

    Thanks to all who replied.  The consensus seems to be since the initials are all the same size the surname should be on the right rather than in the center.  Our son is old enough to choose (33) so I guess I'll get one done each way and let him pick.

    With all the blood, sweat and tears (and $) I have in this rod, the cost of an extra reel seat and the $5 engraving cost is nothing.  That way, SWMBO can tell him it's wrong!

    By the way, our son has only fished that other material, so hope this cane rod will make a convert of him.  It's a Payne 98, so should be good.  (Neil Savage)


I am having a butt cap engraved and I suspect it is not going to be what I'm looking for. They can only do so much-the bulk of their business is retirement plaques and little league trophies. Thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

What I would like to know is if anyone has had a die made similar to what Leonard et. al. used. Who does this kind of work? Is there a specific company that has done this for rodmakers?   (Eamon Lee)

    Several list members have recommended the Universal Marking system.

    I have not tried them, and I am more interested in Hal Bacon's use of electrochemical etching. May get a unit to do that someday.  (Bob Maulucci)


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