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Anybody have a good idea as to how to design/build an extension butt assembly?  I'm making a Gillum 8'6" salmon rod that is begging for a 4-6" extension butt for repetitive sunk-fly work.

I've seen simple screw-mounts, but also ferrule-like mounts.  Guide me, O cane masters!  What have you made with functional success???  (Joe West)

    I can help you but hard work is involved in my system. I made a third ferrule in that kind of rods and attach a cap when the extension butt is not required and a extension bamboo butt with cork when I need it. It works just like a ferrule. You have tried to make some BOBFS, about some months ago?  (Marcelo Calviello)

      I prefer to not remove the butt. However, I think that you might do well to look into the Pac Bay seats. They have some very nice styles of removable fighting butts. They come in  2 or 5 inches. The seats are quite inexpensive, but they are very nice looking and functioning.

      If you like a small fixed butt, I like the Struble U9. For a longer fixed butt on my "switch rod" I am going to use a Pac Bay channel lock seat and rubberized cork for the butt. I will be turning the whole thing down on the lathe. Either way, I think aluminum is a good choice for big, foul weather rods like the Gillum.  (Bob Maulucci)


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