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Any of you that do NOT pin your reel seat caps find that you have trouble with them working loose?  Here lately I've had two or three come off.  Fit was good.  Glue joint was tight as a tick, etc.

Think I'll pin them all from now on.  Just wish I had done so before bluing them.  (Harry Boyd)

    I was having a failure rate of 15%.  So I pin the cap.  (Lee Koeser)

    I sent out a donation rod to the Cumberland  Valley TU on Sunday. The president loved the rod, but the butt cap feel off when he removed it from the bag. I almost died of embarrassment. I had used Ferrule-Tite. Usually I use 5 minute epoxy. Haven't had any problems other than this. I must say that gluing up reel seat components is my least favorite part of rodbuilding. I really get unnerved when using glue around $40 pieces of wood and metal with fine knurling.

    I know another who has asked the question about pinning and got berated by someone on the list who said the need for pinning a butt cap was absurd.  If it was absurd, he would not have asked. BTW, on Bret's advice I got a quart of Golfsmith shaft epoxy to try on ferrules. I might try that next time on the butt cap as well.  (Bob Maulucci)

      I have never lost a butt cap using 5 minute epoxy. I clean the inside with lacquer thinner prior to installing.  Over the  long haul (25+ years) it probably pays to pin. (Marty DeSapio)

    I've not had any problems with caps coming loose. I use Rod Bond, degrease the inside of the caps and the reel seat insert, scuff each with an Ultra Fine Scotch-Brite pad, blow out the dust, apply adhesive to each part, put it together, giving a twist, and applying sufficient force to exude any excess adhesive, and let it dry overnight.  (Martin-Darrell)

    Accraglas gel, it'll be there forever, unless you take a heat gun or a torch to it.  (John Channer)

    Every time I have used 5 minute epoxy for the but cap, it has eventually come off.  Have never had one come off with the longer setting epoxy.  (Rob Clarke)

    I use Brownells two part epoxy and have never had a cap come off.  (Dave LeClair)


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